Bhai 99% less kar de: Aryan Khan’s OVERPRICED D’yavol X collection ft. muse Shah Rukh Khan sparks meme fest!

In less than 24 hours, the anticipation for Aryan Khan’s luxury streetwear D’yavol X collection turned into shock and disappointment owing to its exorbitant prices. Case in point- a fairly animated duck tee costing Rs. 24,400 (excluding shipping) while superstar father Shah Rukh Khan’s autographed biker jacket sold for a whopping amount of 2 lakhs! Though we are all game for luxe streetwear and all things fashion, we hate to admit that the prices are too much for us middle-class people!

And not just us, fans, in general, are complaining about the exorbitant pricing of the products that make these fit a difficult buy. And in the age of social media, people call out certain issues by making a joke out of the situation. And obviously, the Twitterati and netizens, in general, couldn’t wait to make a meme out of this one too.


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From asking for loans and selling kidneys to making cult film's scene references, we have compiled some hilarious memes and witty social media comments on D’yavol X’s first drop launch. Check them out:













So, which one was your favourite?

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