Daughter Nitara becomes an artist, channels her inner Frida Kahlo for mom Twinkle Khanna's new makeover look


Bollywood actress and author Twinkle Khanna had a fun makeover courtesy of daughter Nitara and it was as cute as it can get. Unbeknownst to her, she channeled her inner Frida Kahlo as a muse for her mother's look!

Twinkle uploaded a picture on her Instagram showing the end result of the makeover. These may be a much more common occurrence in the Kumar-Khanna household as Twinkle wrote, "Another day, another makeover" in her caption. 

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The diva was having fun with her look, poking fun that her child may not have a future as a makeup artist. Nitara gave her mother a unibrow which is a classic Frida look, blush or lipstick from the bridge of her nose to almost the apple of her cheeks. Finally, there was some dark bronzer on her cheeks, and voila! her creation was ready!

The comments section seemed to agree that Kahlo was the muse for this artwork.

Nitara's makeup skills are for the win!

(Source - Instagram)