Diet Prada highlights the viral fan rumours of Dior breaking contract with Bella Hadid amidst her participation in pro-Palestine protests

Supermodel Bella Hadid has been loud and outspoken about her support for Palestine and disdain towards the situation and actions of Israel, with her attending a pro-Palestine protest recently. Her actions resulted in direct criticism from the state of Israel. 

This has led to fans fearing and speculating a possible consequential effect that can have an adverse effect on Hadid's career. Specifically, the possible breach of contract between Dior and the supermodel. Hadid has been the face of many of Dior's brand campaigns. They are particularly concerned about Dior allegedly “terminating her contract,” inspiring a slew of furious viral tweets.


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Famous fashion critics of Instagram Diet Prada highlighted the brewing issue with a post on their page. 


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The Dior rumour emerged on Wednesday, starting on TikTok before gaining traction on Twitter. One tweet in particular with over 39,000 retweets stated that Hadid is “being silenced, got her brand deals taken away from her including her Dior brand and her family’s address is being exposed." Various other fans have shown mass support for Hadid over these rumours including the very popular Mia Khalifa.

Designer brand Michael Kors has been facing a backlash for the same problem by fans. An out-of-context video of a Bella Hadid poster being taken down in a Michael Kors store was taken as evidence that Hadid was “fired” by this brand as well. Despite the fact that the Michael Kors homepage opens with a full-page commercial featuring Hadid as the face of the label’s summer ad campaign.

While there is no confirmation or denial about these rumours from neither Dior nor Hadid herself, if the speculations were to come true, it would reflect horribly on the luxury brand for cutting ties with the model over her support for Palestine as that would pretty much be viewed as a direct endorsement of human rights abuses by the brand.

(Source - Diet Prada, Google, Instagram)