Prada comes to Valentino's rescue after massive fire destroys the latter's shoe manufacturing plant


On April 1,2021, a fire broke out in the Valentino Shoes Lab aka VSL near Arezzo, Tuscany, continuing onto the next day and almost burned the entire factory down to the grounds. While investigations are still on, no casualties were reported on site.

The factory has 160 employees and produces approximately 1300 shoes per day. Due to the fire, the brand lost millions of euros in product as well as structural, equipment, and machinery damage, with approximately 38,000 finished products destroyed by the fire, as reported by WWD. In these dire circumstances, Prada came in support of Valentino by making an old factory, close to the affected VSL, available for temporary use. They also offered support with the craftsmanship, finishing as well as development of collections.

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Jacopo Venturini, CEO of Valentino, thanked Prada for their support. "I would also like to thank from the bottom of my heart Patrizio Bertelli, Prada CEO, who immediately contacted us to express his solidarity and by making available one of his factories," said Venturini. He also said that they have a plan of action prepared to boost production within the next month. Venturini further expressed relief that no employee was injured in the fire. Valentino has now shifted focus on rebuilding, financially and socially for the betterment of their production and employees.  

We admire Prada for this support and hope a speedy recovery for Valentino from this disaster.

(Source – WWD)