In family, there is no letting go: Designer Rahul Mishra on supporting his work family during tough times of COVID pandemic


The trying times of COVID-19 pandemic have left the world in despair with no signs of relief. The several months of lockdown have been difficult on the industries, including fashion as many small scale businessmen, artisans, and craftsmen had to suffer due to closure of workshops.

Amidst these tough times, designer Rahul Mishra penned down his thoughts and words of hope and encouragement about his ‘chosen and extended family’ of artisans and craftsmen and the need to stick together in this difficult situation.


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Reminiscing his initial days, Mishra expressed gratitude to those hands that turned the designer’s dreams into reality. Recalling his childhood days, he mentioned that his grandmother would spin her own cotton that made fabric for the whole family and printed them at home using an indigo dye. “When every inch of yarn went through her fingers and was then woven on a handloom by the weaver, dipped in the coloured water and left to dry in the sun, and brought home to be printed by hand—I am inspired. The simplest piece of clothing carries much intrinsic value, wonder, and emotion when created at a human pace,” read an excerpt of his note as stated by a leading magazine.


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Talking about the bond with his artisans, Mishra said he feels a sense of belonging. "Sitting down on khat, discussing the hues of embroidery threads, we are equal—individuals with our own experiences, strengths and stories, bound together with a faith in each other’s abilities and their appreciation. Between us, it is not about religion, class or academic degree but each other’s art, and that is what lends depth to our kinship,” he said.

While this global crisis continues to bring its impending doom, Rahul spoke about dealing the panic-stricken situation with positivity. “At Rahul Mishra, we stand alongside each other in spirit and shall remain determined to safeguard each other’s personal and financial interests. In family, there is no letting go; we hold on for as long as it takes. Soon, the time will come when we will meet again and sit down together. But till then, we must hold ourselves together and keep safe,” the designer said.

Well, we all could use some positivity in these trying times and this penned though sure managed to hit the right notes. What are your thoughts on this?

(Source- Vogue India)