COVID-19: Muslim designer from Minnesota donates over 700 hand-crafted hijabs for healthcare and frontline heroes

The pandemic of COVID-19 has our healthcare and frontline workers running round the clock. Many designers, brands and fashion households have come forward to support them in their own capacities. 

 Just in! A Minnesota-boutique, Henna and Hijabs, led by designer Hilal Ibrahim, has donated over 700 hand-crafted hijabs to the frontline and healthcare help. 


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"Most importantly, they don't impact mobility on the job and stay securely in place. That's critical, given [that healthcare workers] need to be so mindful of hand to face contact, especially in those environments," Ibrahim said in an interview. Supervised by the Muslim designer herself, the pieces include a variety of neutral colors including black, tan, blue, and blush pink are available to adhere to religious needs. 

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She further added, "Women need to be confident that what they're placing on their heads is clean and doesn’t need to be rationed or reused in the same way a masks or a face shield is. More importantly, they shouldn't have to bring their hijabs back and forth to their homes, which could potentially expose their families or others to anything they came into contact with at the hospital." The hospital-grade pieces are flexible for the staff as well as the patients, which can withstand industrial washing machines. 

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