Meet Pranav Bakhshi: a poser, a fitness enthusiast and India's first male model with autism


Talking about revolutions in the industry, India now has it's first ever male-model sufferring from autism and we think this is beautiful.

The 19-year old Delhi boy, Pranav Bakhshi is a fashion enthusiast and a big fan of Jon Kortajarena, a Spanish supermodel. He has already walked for a couple of raging hi9gh-strret labels and intends to strut for the international label someday. 



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A generic love for camera, Pranav has always been ecstatic about clicking photos. A fitness enthusiast himself, the newest sensation on the block loves following the grind and a look into his instagram profile will confirm it.  The modelling agency that signed him, Ninja Model Management, found his looks and expressions very appealing and fit for a good model. And rightly so, after his portfolio shoot, many clients started putting in requests for him. Way to go boy, you got this! 



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Even after being aware of his condition, Pranav stops at nothing when it comes to his passion. His bio read, 'Autism is my superpower', and we think it's beautiful. 



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Proud of her son's achievements, Pranav's mother, Anupama Bakhshi sheds light on his journey. “We were in a mall when suddenly he came up to me showing a billboard. He expressed his desire to model and I could only agree with his decision. Pranav is very well aware that he has autism and is fighting it on a day to day basic. But he is a strong man and I really want the other kids with autism to take inspiration from him and believe in themselves,” says his mother.



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 More power to you Pranav!