5 beauty & skincare essentials that will save the day from all the 'sticky & humid' monsoon skin woes


The monsoon season is here. And so are our skin woes! Amidst the intoxicating fragrance of Earth, freshly bathed greenery, the coolness of the breeze, pattering drizzles and heavy showers, rains invite more than just swirling clouds. The rising humidity levels in the atmosphere can turn out to be quite a nightmare for our skin health. 

So let's talk important monsoon beauty essentials for you, shall we?

A Mild Cleanser Please!


Acne breakouts, clogged pores, dryness and pollutants trapped by sweat and dullness are all common skin concerns during this season. A mild cleanser would rid your skin of excess sebum keeping its natural hydration intact. 

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A Hydrating Face Mask


Constant cleansing and changing temperature will require a solution. A hydrating face mask helps you restore the lost moisture in your skin. Therefore, don't miss this self-pampering session!

Note: Don't Skip Moisturization

Want to wake up with soft skin forever? Then moisturize right away! However, many skip this important staple due to already high humidity in monsoons but don't. Rather find a lightweight non-greasy moisturizer that doesn't make you look like a glazed donut.

Aloe You Vera Much 


Aloe vera soothes, heals and nourishes. Aloe vera gel hydrates skin without making it oily and diminishes impurities and blemishes in the skin. Hence, a monsoon prerequisite! 


Block That Sun Kissing

Sunscreen always is an instant add-to-cart. Contrary to popular belief, it's important even when you're staying indoors or in gloomy weather. This one prevents wrinkles and pigmentation. Select a water-resistant one that offers broad-spectrum protection.

What do you do to cater to your skin during the rainy season? Comment down below.