This one incident changed my entire life - Aditya Narayan on Airline Controversy


Last month, singer Aditya Narayan ran into a controversy with a popular Airlines staff. The 30-year-old singer-actor was asked to pay Rs 13,000 for the 40 kg of excess baggage that he had while traveling from Raipur to Mumbai. However, Aditya who was travelling with five other people refused to pay more than Rs. 10,000 and was caught abusing one of the airline staff by saying, “Let me reach Mumbai. If I don't strip you, then my name is not Aditya Narayan," The video went viral on the social platform. Post the incident, Aditya never spoke to anyone about what exactly happened at the Raipur airport.

Now, finally, Aditya has decided to break his silence on the incident that happened on 2nd October in an interview with Peeping 

What exactly happened at Raipur airport?

Honestly, it was just a matter of one person’s argument with another one. Nothing more to it. Like a normal passenger, I was traveling with my crew members from Raipur to Mumbai. The staff asked me to pay extra luggage charge and I wasn't denying to pay it. It was just that his (voice) tone was too high. He was rude to us and that why I lost my temper. I accept the fact that I should have been little polite but the situation was not in my control. There was a fault from both the sides for which the staff member apologized to me and I did too. The incident blew out of proportion just because I am Udit Narayan’s son.

Why did you not chose to speak to media about the same?

Because I am an introvert who doesn’t like to talk much. I need to be comfortable first and then open up about myself. Also, I feel that as a human being I have a right to not speak about any particular issue.

But, milne se pahle hi logon ne mere bare mein image bana li. Just because I am Udit Narayan’s son, I cannot be nice every time. I am a human being first. I can make mistakes and overcome. Its very easy for someone to judge anyone; I am actually tired of it. And so, I decided not to speak to media because everyone will come to their own conclusion and that might make the matter worse.

How were your fans reaction post the controversy?

20 saal lag gae izzat kamane me aur ek haadsa ne puri zindagi badal dii...(laughs). Honestly, yes life did change unexpectedly. I have to rebuild my image. But again, this is part and parcel of an actors life; isn't it?

After wrapping up singing reality show, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa for 9 months, Aditya has joined Colors new show, Entertainment Ki Raat where he will be seen singing on the comedy platform.