PeepingMoon Exclusive: Couldn't stop crying after putting on the makeup - Shweta Tripathi Sharma on playing an acid survivor in Kaalkot

Shweta Tripathi Sharma is one of the finest actors in the industry. Over the years, she has proved her mettle in acting with her performances in projects like Masaan, Haraamkhor, Mirzapur, and Yeh Kaali Kaali Ankhein among others. She was also seen in the recently released web series Kaalkoot where she essayed the part of Parul Chaturvedi who is an acid attack survivor.

Recently, the actress got into an exclusive conversation with and spoke about the challenges that she faced while portraying an acid attack survivor. "I had this in mind that when people and those victims see the series, I am able to show some percentage of their journey. What they had and are going through, is just impossible to portray. I wanted to do some justice to it, so that the people who watch it, think twice about it! What I went through is nothing compared to what the people actually went through, so I don't want to blow a trumpet about it. But as a performer, if I talk about technical point of view and prosthetics,  It use to take me 3 hours to get ready.  My makeup dada had done his homework really well, he had seen a lot of pictures for references because it was about creating something and it's an art. The first day when I sat for the makeup, I had not planned for it but I couldn't just stop crying and I had my tears rolling down from my eyes. At that point, all I was thinking about was my character. I also had a playlist for my character which I usually have for all my characters. My make-up man asked me If I was okay and all I could say was "character". I was listeneing to Jeete Hai Chal from Neerja and Naina from Dangal and Aankoh Ka Tara from Cheeta. All these songs portray us as humans, as girls, us as emotional beings, so I can recollect a lot of emotions through songs. I was able to remove the prosthetics by the end of the day after my job is done, but that's not the case with the victims," said Shweta.

She added, "I had 3 days of hospital schedule and during that time I couldn't sleep at that time because I use to feel so much itching on my face because of the prosthetics. A lot of chemicals and alcohol were used to make those prosthetics. It used to itch so much that I had put ice on my face, used to put Alovera gel, and fan my face because it was so hot. But all that feels like nothing and no price that I was paying for this character of Parul. So, that was the whole thing that kept me going. I didn't want to complain about it as my character required it and will require major physical and mental transformation. My only concern was that it should look real. I had shot my climax scene first so I also had to keep in mind the emotional graph that my character had gone through. I used to keep asking my writer-director Sumeet if it was looking alright and he was very confident which gave me validation."

When asked which character she is looking forward to playing, Shweta said "I want to do a heist or Conman/Con-girl like the series Can If You Can. As Shweta, I am gonna be in a certain way, I won't be able to be a heist and that is why I want to play such a character and have all the fun!"