#GoldenGlobes 2018: Why Meryl, Gal, Angelina and others wore black


It is a global movement that’s grabbing eyeballs and gathering steam. Women across the world are participating in the powerful TimesUp movement. From Angelina Jolie to Eva Longoria, to Reese Witherspoon, all are sporting shades of black to the Golden Globes Awards 2018. Many A-listers pledged to wear black in solidarity with sexual assault victims in Hollywood and around the world, showing support for the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements.


Interestingly, while virtually every female attendee is supporting the cause, Justin Timberlake chose to endorse the campaign and publicly show his support for wife, Jessica Biel, with a sweet Instagram selfie ahead of the red carpet. Just moments before leaving for the event, Timberlake posed for a pic with his wife, sharing the image with a caption that read, “Here we come!! And DAMN, my wife is hot! #TIMESUP #whywewearblack," wrote the singer, who sported a scruffy beard and an all-black ensemble, which is a definite change from his usual grey and white tuxedos. Biel, who was nominated tonight for her role in The Sinner, had been instrumental in bringing the project to life, and Justin was quick to beam, “I'm so proud of her.”


The 75th annual Golden Globe Awards was dominated by the Time's Up initiative, with both men and women wearing black to protest gender inequality and acknowledge the flood of sexual abuse allegations that have plagued Hollywood over the past few month. A statement from the initiative explained the choice of black, explaining, "We chose black because we know pretty much everyone, everywhere owns a piece of clothing in black...and we want this to be a special night and a moment of solidarity for people everywhere."

The wearing of the colour is not meant to be seen as negative. "While we will be wearing black today, we will not be mourning. We will be celebrating many talented people and this exciting campaign that we are all building together," the organization said. Nominees and men at the event would also be wearing a special Time's Up pin that Reese Witherspoon asked designer and stylist Arianne Phillips to create.