Bizarre Trends 101: After sarees, internet tribe rolls right outta bed with ‘pillow dresses’ as their next ‘Quarantine Couture Challenge’


The outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic has locked up all of us at home with very little things to do. To overcome the boredom and keep one’s mental health intact and spread the wave of positivity, people have been tagging each other to perform various challenges.

In recent times, we bet your social media timeline was full of the ‘Saree Challenge’. Taking it a bit too far, the fashion bloggers and celebrities have now been challenging each other for another ‘quarantine couture’- Pillows. Yep, you read that correctly. Nope, we are not happy about it either!


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Choosing comfort over style, quite literally, trendsetters are wrapping pillows around their bodies as dressed and cinching the entire ensemble with chunky belts. Furthermore, they are accessorizing it with purses, bags, shoes and statement jewelry. Take a look:


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Not just the social media users, TV actress Debina Bonnerjee also joined this bizarre bandwagon.


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Okay, did a princess throw up here?


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From a 9-5 office look...


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To a chic party ensemble...they have dresses for all!


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Gucci's fanny packs...


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To Valentino's statement belts; making it about the brand as well...


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While some stuck to just pillow covers, one of the social media users got carried away and opted for a quilt-dress with a thigh-high slit.


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Man, the internet is a weird place to be; what are your thoughts on this one?

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