11 Honore is is bringing luxury fashion to the plus size market and we think our weekend just got a whole lot better!

2020 calls for a revolution! 11 Honore, the brand that is making high-end luxury fashion available for plus-size models, is making a big-splash yet again and the news will make your weekend worthwhile! 

Bringing in brands like DVF and Zac Posen to the bigger market, Honore 11 is making its voice loud and clear, and we're listening! 



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“Say you’re in Nordstrom with your straight-size friend,...She sees this Altuzarra blazer, and you can go to 11 Honoré for the same one: same brand, style, fabric, just a different size!" Says Patrick Herning, the visionary behind this idea. 



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Founded in 2017, the designer and entrepreneur is making luxury fashion available for sizes 12 and higher, for the ones who have the money and desire for the same. In February, the designer made his presence felt at the Fashion week dinner where an array of plus-size models attended the soiree. He also has hosted a runway show where the show-stopper, actress Laverne Cox sashayed wearing Zac Posen on the glossy aisle. Well, we're getting there; don't you think? 



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The Shrill star, Aidy Bryant faces a lot of size-issues growing up. She said, "Since I was a pre-teen, I was a size 14 and up, I feel like so much of my youth was going to the mall or stores with my friends and watching them shop and being like, ‘I’ll buy a hair clip'!" She continued, "I thought, something is not the same here. This isn’t a system I get to be a part of at all, and that’s hurtful. I can’t stand beside them and enjoy the same thing. The breadth of choice is just not there." 

Henning changes all that and more, and gives them more options, apart from the regular basics, to choose from. Because why should size 2 have all the fun? 



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Mr. Herning wants to open retail stores, though the company has showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago and Dubai where customers can shop in person. Later this year, it is introducing a private label. Well, 2020 sure looks like THE year! What are your thoughts? 


(SOURCE: The New York Times)