The Changing Face Of Indian Fashion


2018 has somehow been all about feminism. We got to agree, we've been on a bit of a women power streak lately. Fashion isn't just anymore only about the glitz and glam, in fact, we've seen some groundbreaking trends and feminist moments, over the last few years. As surprising as it may sound, most of these moments have been witnessed on the runway. From catwalks to off the ramp, here are five times fashion was all about woman empowerment.

Babies and runway? If you thought that was never possible, Carol Gracias broke that fashion norm on the runway, while walking for designer Gaurang Shah. Carol, who closed this show at Lakme Fashion Week a few years ago, had company - Her baby bump.

While this was completely path-breaking, back then, we've seen a heavily pregnant Kareena Kapoor Khan follow suit on Sabysachi's runway, a few years later.

Breaking the stereotype, transgender activist Laxmi Narayan Tripathi walked the ramp for jewellery designer Akassh K. Aggarwal to promote a social message of gender equality. This revolutionary moment received tons of applause and praises. We've seen transgenders being accepted globally, but seeing this initiative on the Indian runway is truly remarkable.

The Lakme runway this year saw everyone embracing women of all shapes and sizes. Rixi and Tinka's Half Full Curve show, promoting body positivity was one-of-a-kind. Being a plus size woman doesn't mean you have to give up on fashion, and Rixi and Tinka were on a mission to send out this message, loud and clear.

We've all seen Ashley Graham, being accepted with open arms in the west, no wonder it was about time India followed suit. It's all about looking beautiful in your own skin.

This show also sent another strong message, that fashion is not limited to a specific age. We've seen Iris Aphel slay at the age of 96.

From being the face of luxury cosmetic brand, M.A.C, to being the biggest fashion influencer, Iris has done it all. Only if we could strut down a runway with elegance and panache like this super cool grandmom.

Priyanka Chopra starting the #ItsCoolToRepeat campaign along with go-to stylist Ami Patel was the best thing that happened to our fashion industry. Seriously, how does repeating your clothes amount to a fashion sin, just cause you're an A-lister.

We've seen royalty Kate Middleton repeat her clothes time and again, and no one seems to be complaining. With Priyanka starting this brilliant trend in B-town we couldn't be happier.