Exclusive: 'Lockdown Ki Love Story' inspired by lockdown weddings, says Mohit Malik

The rapid and alarming spread of the Coronavirus pandemic since March this year has become a cause of concern and discussion. This has also motivated filmmakers to tell diverse tales of the change that the pandemic has brought to everyone's lifestyle. Making Coronavirus a part of the narrative, Star Plus recently launched a new show titled Lockdown Ki Love Story. As the title itself suggests that the daily soap orbits around a couple who are in for a roller coaster ride after the Government of India's decision to call for a complete shutdown. Featuring Mohit Malik and Sana Sayyad in the lead, Lockdown Ki Love Story is a refreshing tale. 

As Lockdown Ki Love Story went on air on August 31 and is winning hearts, Mohit who plays the role of Dhruv Jaiswal, spoke about returning to sets amid pandemic during an interview with PeepingMoon. The actor discussed what sets the show apart from his previous outing-Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala, collaborating with his wife Addite Shirwaikar Malik and plans to participate in Bigg Boss

Excerpts from the interview:

How was it resuming shoot for Lockdown Ki Love Story? Were you apprehensive to get back on sets? 

I felt this was the right time to get back to shoot after a long gap. Moreover, I was adamant about breaking the fear of stepping out, alongside doing so by keeping in mind all necessary safety and hygiene protocols. It felt great to be back on set, just giving me a very homely feeling. I am someone who cannot stay away from my work and acting for long, so it definitely was good for me to finally get back to work. 

Lockdown weddings have been a legit trend in the last few months. Did your show take inspiration from the same? 

While our show has taken inspiration from these various lockdown weddings, it has a very unique twist of its own in the storyline, one which you guys will see unfold through the course of the show. 

After Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala, reports stated you were not that keen to bounce back on TV? Why you picked up the show? 

Television has always been home for me, so getting back to it felt really good. There is a different charm altogether when it comes to TV shows because of the kind of emotional connect they have with the audiences, which I truly love most about them! 

Do you think you will be able to replicate the success of Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala with your new show?

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala was a very different concept and show compared to Lockdown Ki Love Story. So there is nothing I am trying to replicate here, but instead totally looking at bringing something new and very unique to the table this time. 

Why have you stayed away from Bigg Boss for so long?.

Right now my only focus is Lockdown Ki Love Story and showing the audience a different concept on television for the first time. 

Any plans of working with wife Addite Shirwaikar Malik anytime soon?

Addite is currently in a very different space with her ongoing entrepreneurship ventures, and she is very happy and settled in that space for now to be honest.