Exclusive: 'Bigg Boss 13 is not going off-air,' confirms official spokesperson of Colors TV amidst reports of a ban on Salman Khan's show


Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 13 started on a wrong note as a few organizations began criticizing it as soon as it went on air. While the contestants inside the house are doing their best, the show has come under the attack of a few organizations. Bigg Boss 13 being vulgar and promoting love jihad are just some of the complaints that have been stacked. A media report now states that sources close to the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting (I&B) are carefully scrutinizing the highly controversy show.

The source from the government told the leading daily, "Our investigation has found the show to cross the line (of decency). They are now seriously exploring the possibility of banning the show, as it encourages negative competition among the contestants." Another source revealed, "Bigg Boss is toxic and addictive. The male-female contestants clearly play against each other in a sexually charged atmosphere. This is not an ordinary reality-show about a bunch of semi-celebrities being locked up together. It is an invitation to get seriously close in ways that are really not acceptable to our culture."

When PeepingMoon reached out to Colors Tv, the official spokesperson of the channel said that it is not getting banned. "It will not go off-air", said the spokesperson of Colors channel and Bigg Boss 13

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It all started when the concept 'Bed Friends Forever' wherein a male and a female contestant were told to share a bed together did not go well with a few organizations. A few tasks on Bigg Boss 13 were also said to be vulgar and hence a protest to ban the show was started. A section of viewers started trending hashtags like 'BoycottBiggBoss13', 'JehadFelataBiggBoss' and 'UnsubscribeColorsTV' on Twitter.

A Traders' body had also sent a letter to the I&B Minister Prakash Javadekar seeking a ban on Bigg Boss 13 on grounds of vulgarity. Karni Sena had also demanded a ban on the show, suggesting that it promotes love jihad. Despite tight security outside Salman's residence, as many as 20 people were arrested recently for protesting against Bigg Boss 13.

(Source: PeepingMoon)