EXCLUSIVE: Barun Sobti reveals about his next project after IPKKND 3 ends!


Barun Sobti is probably Television's Golden Boy. His journey began on small screen with a faith-oriented show in 2009, Shraddha. As the main lead, Barun was seen opposite Ankita Sharma in 2010 series Baat Hamari Pakki Hai. But he capitulated to envious fame and success with 2011 romantic drama Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? As the rich, arrogant business tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada, Barun swept off every fan off her feet.  Touted as the Mills & Boon ‘perfect man’ by his female fans, his chemistry with Sanaya Irani is considered among the best till date on small screen. Owing to Barun’s immense popularity, a mini-series titled Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Jashn was aired on Hotsar followed with another web seriesTanhaiyan where he was seen opposite Surbhi Jyoti. But created a stir was his return in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3, a new season, as Advay Singh Raizada.

However, today is the last day of  IPKKND3. The show which went on air in July 2017, will shut its curtain after a brief stint. Does Barun feel bad that the show which made him a household name, its third season came to an abrupt end? “No, it’s okay. The makers made a sequel and the whole hype attached to it. See, some things work out or things don’t work out. There’s hasn’t been one day of the show which I regretted, or not given my 100%. People have come back to me and said that you are amazing in the show. If still, it didn’t work out, then I have no other answer to it.”

While Barun stuck to a neat, prim & proper look in IPKKND season 1, in the third season, fans were in for a surprise when they saw him experimenting with his looks. From dhotis to harem pants, Barun’s wardrobe was a contrasting opposite to his real life image. “That was one of the key points initially, to separate the two characters. I never ever get into costumes. Trust me, whatever is given to me, I wear it. And that is my fundamental in life too. I am a big fan of business tycoon Warren Buffet. I once read a story about him that he has X number of companies and CEO’s and to all those, he writes only once in the financial year. His mantra is – ‘Hire the right person to do the right job.’ So for me, if I will get into fashion and styling my own looks, I will look like an idiot. Not known to many, but my wife Pashmeen loved my look is IPKKND3.”

As per fans, one of the key reasons why Iss Pyaar season 3 couldn’t work in the first place was the lead actress Shivani Tomar. While Barun’s pairing with Sanaya Irani and their scintillating chemistry in season 1 was the key factor of the show’s stupendous success, he and Shivani, together, failed to create the similar magic. However, Barun strongly disagrees. “Poor thing (Shivani), she didn’t do anything wrong. She was just looking for a job, got the part and did the show. As simple as that. People who out there are touting Shivani as the reason for the show’s end, is just not fair,” exclaims the actor.

So will Barun be seen soon on TV or is it just Bollywood for him now? “My career has been set up in a weird way. I tend to let go off biggest of things when I am not convinced with a project. I have friends, who are casting directors. Ask them. They say that we have already said no to a film on your (Barun) behalf because we know you won’t take up the part,” adds Barun.

We insist that unlike all his fans, we would love to see more of him onscreen and he jumps in, “That’s why, because I do good work. Either its TV, Web or Films my motto will remain the same - Good work!”

Tanhaiyan, the web series, fetched Barun positive reactions from all quarters. In today’s scenarios, with rampant censorship on films, mindless, infinite plots on TV shows, is Barun keen to take over the web world? “Shooting a web series has been a beautiful experience. There were no telecast problems. We shot it in a single go. We had our scripts beforehand. And I am always a game for such things. For my fans, I have something come up soon in that space, in a few months,” shares Barun!

Last but not the least, but if the makers of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon will come to Barun and Sanaya with a new season, will he be a game for it. “(Laughs) I can’t say. You even have to ask Sanaya. Dates bhi toh honi chahiye.”

Known for his intense, romantic scenes, is the otherwise shy Barun, open to get intimate on the big screen? Rumour has it, Barun’s reservations to not do such scenes is because of his wife Pashmeen. “No! She has nothing to do with it,” clears the actor and adds, “Rather my wife was the one who told me to go ahead and do a kiss scene, when and if required. But I am not comfortable with it. Though, my love scenes and chemistry with my co-stars onscreen suffices (Laughs).”

We wish all the best to Barun for his upcoming projects.