PeepingMoon Exclusive: 'Rocket Boys is an honest piece of work, doesn't promote any political agenda,' says Ishwak Singh aka Vikram Sarabhai

Jim Sarbh and Ishwak Singh's Rocket Boys was among the best series to come out in 2022. Now, a year later, the second season of the show is ready for launch on SonyLIV on March 16. The trailer of the series dropped in recently and it created the right buzz among the audience. 

As Rocket Boys 2 is gearing up for its premiere next week, spoke to Ishwak who plays the role of Vikram Sarabhai in the franchise. Talking about the accolades and acclaim received by the first season, the actor said he doesn't take pressure by thinking about the audience's reaction before the sequel's release. He told, "It doesn’t bother me. I enjoy doing my work and don’t really think about it before the release. When it is coming closer, I do get butterflies in my stomach." 

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Ishwak also informed that a major part of Rocket Boys 2 was shot along with the first season. "We shot a huge part of season 2 along with season 1 but we did get back to set later." Ask him about not being insecure with two-hero projects and the debate around it in the film fraternity, the actor replied, "Actors are actors. I don’t like labels like heroes, villains, etc. If it is a story about two people, there will be two actors. A lot of people from my fraternity put the story first and other things don’t matter. That’s how it is. Due to this sense of security, we have films like Sholay. All you wish is to do justice to the story." 

Though Rocket Boys was a dramatised biopic, there was a section of people who called it a show promoting political agenda. Ishwak reacted, "I believed in the story since it is authentic and honest. I felt whatever I read was an integral part of the story and is true to the core of the narrative. I cannot think of any agenda that the show is trying to promote." He further called the Rocket Boys franchise "an honest piece of work that’s made with a great deal of research, keeping the families in the loop and consulting them regularly. with the family’s consultation. In my view, it is a well-researched show."

Ishwak signed off saying he has no clue whether Rockey Boys season 3 is on the cards.