PeepingMoon Exclusive: ‘Women don’t need to compromise' says Masaba Gupta on freezing eggs, surrogacy and life in 30’s for single ladies


Masaba Gupta is back on Netflix with mother Neena Gupta for the second season of her fictionalized web show Masaba Masaba. The first season was a spirited comedy-drama that made the ace fashion designer a cool new entrant in the world of acting. Now, she has followed suit with Masaba Masaba 2 which deals with a lot of problems faced by women and how the protagonist eventually overcomes them. Right from pregnancy to freezing eggs to trying to date and find love in today’s millennial society, Masaba Masaba Season 2 tries its best to keep things real and relatable.

Talking about one issue that Masaba was adamant on depicting in the show was about freezing one’s eggs and having a child through surrogacy. She said, “The one message that I really consciously wanted to put in was the part and I think even Sonam Nair wanted to was the part about freezing your eggs. Because I think women are & I am seeing it around me and like I am seeing the nerves, you know. As you turn 30 or 31, then you are 32 and suddenly you are 35 and everyone says have a baby before you’re 30 and you are like, ‘Oh, I am 5 years late.’ And I just think that around me, I see beautiful, talented, smart women who find it impossible to find a man. Find it impossible to find a date, forget about a man to spend the rest of your life with. She’s like ‘me’. It’s just that’s the way it is.”

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She further said, “Beautiful men and women both are just single. And women obviously have this clock that’s ticking. So I said you know we must assure women that it’s okay if you want to go the unconventional route of just freezing your eggs or having a baby via surrogacy or whatever it might be and not doing the traditional thing of ‘haan main arranged marriage karungi’ or I’ll marry somebody who I have nothing in common with. I just think the idea of compromise is the strongest message in season 2. Be it on your weight, body type, mental health or marriage or babies, I think we’re just saying that women don’t need to compromise. You’re fine by yourself.”

Masaba Masaba Season 2 also stars Neil Bhoopalam and Armaan Khera. Directed by Sonam Nair it is streaming on Netflix.