PeepingMoon Exclusive: 'There's no reason to disown the title of 'comic actor', not trying to get rid of that tag,' says Aparshakti Khurana


Aparshakti Khurana is an artist who wears multiple hats. While he is an impeccable actor whose comic timing needs no introduction, he is also a talented singer. His recent music video Balle Ni Balle is proof. Aparshakti, one of the busiest actors currently, has impressed all with the song.

Now, as Balle Ni Balle is streaming successfully on YouTube, Aparshakti spoke to PeepingMoon about the song. Talking to us, the actor also spoke about balancing acting and singing and what's more challenging. 

Excerpts from the interview:

You have acted in your song Balle Ni Balle too. Doesn’t it become difficult to act and sing simultaneously?

I feel lucky because there are artists who crave to do all this but don't get a chance. It gets difficult when you are not prepared. I was and will always be ready for such projects. I enjoy doing both thoroughly. 

Is it easier to emote in a song when you sing it yourself?

Yes, of course. When you listen to your own voice, it does get easier to lip-sync and emote. 

What’s more challenging: acting or singing?

Before joining films, I did theatre for 8 years. As a singer, I feel I am still learning. My journey as an actor is richer and longer. 

Doing music videos at regular intervals helps you reach out to a wider, younger audience?

Absolutely.  As an actor, it is very important for you to reach out to a wider audience and age is no bar. I feel not just a wider audience but filmmakers also look at you differently when you do music videos. 

We have often seen your work in the comedy zone. Will your upcoming projects like Berlin, Dhokha and Stardust help you shed an established image?

Definitely, it will. I believe comedy is not an easy genre. I have been offered non-comic roles in the past but I was waiting for the right opportunity. I wanted someone like Vikramaditya Motwane to offer something like Stardust to break that image. I always want to respect the comedy space as it has given me fame and recognition. Thankfully people have loved what I have done in the past. Nobody ever came to me saying my roles in Dangal and Pati, Patni Aur Woh were similar. I feel grateful to get multiple opportunities to explore the comedy genre. Choices play an important role and I have been fortunate to be at the right place at the right time. I am grateful that people have accepted me in the comedy space and I am getting a chance to step out of that zone and try something new. Not everyone gets such opportunities.     

Are you comfortable with the tag of a 'comic actor' or are you trying to get rid of that stereotypical image now? 

I am not trying to get rid of that tag. I feel loved if people enjoy watching me in the comedy space. There is no reason to disown the title. I cannot belittle the genre by trying to get rid of that tag. I have no problem if people associate me with a particular genre as not many actors get such recognition.   

Actors often get emotional after watching themselves on the screen. How difficult does it get to remain objective and review your own work?

I don't get enough time to sit down and review my work. I don't get so much into a project. There is so much happening around and I love hopping from one film set to another. There is no time for this. 

Arzoie is 7 months old. How difficult does it get to stay away from her during shoots? 

Since she is just 7 months old, it is very difficult. But I feel this is how life functions, there should be a balance between personal and professional life. There is a saying that if you don't do good work, your wife and children will never give you the respect you deserve. I want my daughter to respect me when she grows up and that is possible only if I do good work.