PeepingMoon Exclusive: 'With Kaun Pravin Tambe, I want people to know that I can do comedy as well as serious roles,' says Shreyas Talpade

Kaun Pravin Tambe? That was the question most of us had before Jayprad Desai's film released on Disney+Hotstar. Headlined by Shreyas Talpade, Kaun Pravin Tambe is about an Indian cricketer who made his IPL debut at the age of 41 years and became the oldest ever IPL debutant in 2013. The film is receiving rave reviews from different corners of the country. 

As Kaun Pravin Tambe continues to win hearts, Shreyas spoke to PeepingMoon about getting into the skin of the character. The actor further shed light on why it is difficult to play the lead in a biopic. Shreyas mentioned that he is reading scripts for web shows but is yet to sign them.

Excerpts from the interview:

What was your first reaction when you got a call for Kaun Pravin Tambe?

I had seen Pravin Tambe in IPL; he made his debut at the age of 41. I wanted to know more about this guy. A few years later, when I got a call for the film, I was very happy. It is rare to get such kinds of roles. I am fortunate to get a chance to play a cricketer twice.  

How did you prepare for the role?

I met Pravin Tambe and then we started our bowling practice. It takes a lot of time to get the body language right. Pravin’s story is about determination, and dedication and that’s what I aimed to portray on the screen. 

What was your understanding of Pravin Tambe before you were approached for this part and how did that change after the film?

Before Kaun Pravin Tambe, I knew of him only as a guy who made his debut at 41. After the film, I got to know the kind of positivity Pravin has and his 'never say die' attitude. My biggest takeaway was that age is just a number. If you are passionate about a particular thing, there is nothing in the world that can stop you.  

The cricket season is here with IPL. Do you feel this will benefit Kaun Pravin Tambe in terms of viewership and relatability? 

We are known to be a country where people are obsessed with cricket and films. A combination of both always works. We hope everyone watches cricket as well as our film.  

You play the titular role in Pravin Tambe's biopic. Is it more challenging to play a non-fictional character than a fictional one?

Yes, it is challenging to play a real-life character because whatever has happened, it has happened to him. To portray all of that in the right manner was a challenge. There is more responsibility when it is a real character.   

After theatrical films and TV shows, you are on the web too. Can we get to see you in bolder, unconventional roles hereon?

I hope so. I am here to give my best in terms of performance and entertainment. I have tried that in the past too by doing various genres. 

Do you believe Kaun Pravin Tambe will help you get rid of the comic image that has been created over the years?

I am proud that my comedy films and comic roles were appreciated. There was a time I did films like Iqbal and was considered only for serious roles. I put in a lot of effort to change that. There came a point where I was only considered for comedy. I want people to know that I can do comedy as well as serious roles.  

Are you likely to do a full-fledged web show anytime soon?

I have been approached for a couple of web shows and I am reading them. I am yet to sign anything but I am considering some of them.