PeepingMoon Stars Unplugged: A big director wanted me in his film, but the producer said 'a star's nephew is being launched, let's put money on him'- Karanvir Sharma

Being an actor is no mean feat, especially when you decide to brave the odds of the glamour world all by yourself. In PeepingMoon's latest series, titled Stars Unplugged, popular television and web actors and actresses will talk about their experiences of making it big, gaining popularity with their body of work and the challenges they faced on their way to success.

The second episode of Stars Unplugged features Karanvir Sharma, who has been masterfully managing television shows along with films. In 2022, he will be seen sharing the screen space with Yami Gautam in A Thursday. Known for playing the lead in daily soaps like Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani, Karanvir has acted in films like Sadda Adda, Azhar and Blank. In the exclusive interview with PeepingMoon for the special segment, Karanvir opened up about his decade long journey in the entertainment industry. The heartthrob further spoke about the struggle to prove himself in Bollywood, losing work to star kids and Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani's abrupt end.

Excerpts from the interview:

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You completed 10 years as an actor. How has the last decade been for you?

The last decade has been good, just like a moment that went so fast. Be it a successful career in TV or films, I'm being appreciated for the work I have done. Having said that, there were some opportunities that I wished were offered to me but lost out on them. But, it has been a roller coaster ride. 

Is it easy for TV actors to get equal opportunities in films? Did you face any bias?

Professionally, biasness exists in the system itself. It is noticed that we don't get a first-hand opportunity for a role tailor-made for the launch of a star’s son or other family members. That’s what happens. I don’t think it is called bias, it is just the system. It’s been going on for years and now, I feel it is a little more relaxed. 

Did you face any difficulty in getting films?

There were two most important highlights of my decade long career. I remember a very big Bollywood director wanted me to do a role in his film but it didn’t materialise. The producer of the film was a renowned cinema personality. He said some big star's nephew was being launched and wanted to put money on him. That was disappointing. Later, I met another big producer. He asked, "Why should I take you? I’ll take star kids as they work well for me and are cheaper too." I didn't even ask for a fat amount, all I wanted was just an opportunity. Despite that he said, “Main tujhko kyun lunga? Tu star hai kya?” Star hota toh baat alag hoti. I remember I said, "Thank you so much for your time," and left. Such things happen to you and they make you a better person. The same producer, who rejected me, was on one of my films called me once and that made me happy. Maybe I didn’t deserve it then but deserve it now.

Are experienced actors from non-filmi backgrounds paid less than inexperienced star kids?

We are paid as per our demand. When I started, I was earning peanuts but I would just do it because I was so desperate for work. Over a period of time, you can command only how much you deserve. It is like first, you deserve then you desire. You need to strike a balance between your expectations and what you actually deserve. I feel you are a star, you can command a better price because you are going to stand out in the film.   

What’s more important- being known as an actor or superstardom?

Being an actor will give me more sustainability. Acting is a job and being appreciated for it will give you the motivation to work harder. I cannot comment on superstardom as there is no end to it. One should be an actor, artist and if superstardom comes, you should take it as a bonus.

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani got unprecedented love from the audience. They felt the show ended much before its full potential was explored. Do you agree? 

Yes, I do agree. If we are lucky enough, we will have Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani's second season too. It all depends on how much of an audience we gather. I remember my first film Sadda Adda didn’t pick up at the box office but it became the most recommended film and most tabloids had covered it. I feel Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani will also garner a larger audience over a period of time. 

Are you reuniting with Debattama Saha for another daily soap?

Not really a daily soap as of now. But that’s not in my hands, it depends on the producers.

Let us a little about your role in A Thursday.

In A Thursday, I play the role of a Sindhi guy named Rohit Mirchandani who is a lawyer. He loves his fiancée, Naina Jaiswal (played by Yami Gautam). That's how our story starts and then there are various twists and turns in the tale. 

According to you, what will make A Thursday a path-breaking film?

The artists as well as the storytelling. When it is a path-breaking film, there is some relatability factor and uniqueness. The novelty of A Thursday lies in the story of a playschool teacher who takes 16 toddlers in a school hostage and then, the story unfolds. It is a completely different perspective. 

The title of the film is quite similar to Neeraj Pandey’s A Wednesday. Is the story or genre similar too?

The genre is similar but not the story.