PeepingMoon Exclusive: Is ‘that Bengali girl’ the reason why Sushant Singh Rajput broke up with his family?


After the shock over his death, comes the controversy. Sources close to Sushant Singh Rajput have hinted that the actor just broke up his tumultuous relationship with former VJ and struggling actress Rhea Chakraborty.

Although they never confirmed they were dating, Sushant and Rhea were believed to be in a relationship for long. Friends close to the actor reported it was a “toxic” relationship that took Sushant away from people close to him.

His father K. K. Singh is alleged to have said that Sushant had broken ties with him and when the father pleaded with his son to come home, the actor reportedly told him he was caught in some problem.



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The father is believed to have suspected that this problem was to do with “that Bengali girl” and is supposed to have asked Sushant point blank whether he would break ties with the family over her.

Further, the actor’s sister Ritu and her IAS officer husband tried to reach her superstar brother through friends in the media and IAS circles and convince him to take their father’s calls or to go and visit him in Patna.

Ritu and her husband are believed to have called on Sushant once in this regard and there it is said they had run into Rhea. What followed was an altercation that only isolated Sushant from his family further.