Karan Johar leaves for NYC to bring in 47th birthday; Roohi-Yash to not accompany their father


Karan Johar’s 47th birthday falls on Saturday (May 25), but unless you’re planning to join the flamboyant filmmaker and irrepressible TV impresario in New York, there’s no chance of you celebrating the occasion with him.

Yes, KJo is bringing in the birthday in NYC. He leaves early Wednesday morning. He won’t be going alone, of course. There’s always an excited and gorgeous gang of Bollywood buddies with KJo when he’s celebrating. But who gets to join the party this time is being kept a secret.

He plans to be in NYC for five days. He’s been telling people here that he’s “going on a trip” or “taking a small break”. But Bollywood and beyond know that KJo is escaping Mumbai to be in NYC for his birthday. And since he’s there, he will call upon Neetu and Rishi Kapoor, who is said to be recovering from cancer at New York’s Sloan Kettering Hospital. 

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Actually, KJo does require a break. He’s had two major releases (Kalank and SOTY2) in quick succession and is believed to be working hard on his period drama Takht that will go on the floor later this year and which KJo will direct himself. So this “trip” or “break” will do him good.

Will his adorable twins Roohi and Yash, who are 15 months old, join KJo? No, they won’t. The babies have yet to travel with their doting Papa anywhere abroad. Their time will come. Meanwhile, won’t they miss KJo on his birthday and vice versa? They will, but there’s always FaceTime to wish Papa a Happy Birthday on May 25. Would the twins be up to doing it? Naturally, they are Karan Johar’s babies. Facing a camera comes naturally to them!

(Source: PeepingMoon)