Alia Bhatt and Jr NTR's next 'Jigra' and 'Devara' amicably swap release dates

Director Koratala Siva’s highly anticipated Telugu film, "Devara: Part 1," featuring Jr NTR, Janhvi Kapoor, and Saif Ali Khan in the lead roles, will now hit the screens earlier than initially planned. Originally set for release on October 10, the film will now premiere in theatres on September 27.

In an interesting turn of events, Vasan Bala's "Jigra," starring Alia Bhatt and Vedang Raina, will see a slight delay. Initially scheduled for a September 27 release, "Jigra" will now be released on October 11, just a day after the original release date of "Devara: Part 1."

Alia Bhatt and Jr. NTR are both celebrated actors who have previously worked together in the blockbuster "RRR,” and share a deep bond of friendship and professional respect.

The decision to swap the release dates of "Devra" and "Jigra" was reached amicably, reflecting the maturity and understanding between the teams involved. Such decisions are not uncommon in the industry, where the release calendar can be highly competitive, and strategic scheduling can make a significant difference in a film's box office performance. By swapping release dates, the teams behind "Devara" and "Jigra" have demonstrated a keen sense of strategic planning, ensuring that both films have the best possible chance to succeed without clashing with each other.

Interestingly, Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions  is a common factor between both films.

The films "Devara" and "Jigra" have generated significant anticipation among audiences, each boasting a unique storyline and stellar cast. "Devra," featuring Jr NTR, promises to be a gripping narrative that showcases his acting prowess and versatility. On the other hand, "Jigra," starring Alia Bhatt and Vedang Raina, is expected to be a compelling drama that highlights her exceptional talent and ability to portray complex characters. The decision to swap release dates ensures that fans of both stars can look forward to enjoying these films without the distraction of a box office clash.