Saif Ali Khan gets his 'Kareena' tattoo modified; is it for an upcoming film?

Saif Ali Khan's tattoo dedicated to his wife, Kareena Kapoor Khan, has often been a symbol of their love. He got her name inked on his forearm much before they tied the knot. Now, after almost 16 years, the actor seems to have modified the tattoo. Whether it's for a film or some other reason, only he can answer. 

Saif was spotted at the Mumbai airport this morning. Dressed in a relaxed grey T-shirt and comfortable pants, the actor jetted out of the city. Probably for work purposes. It was noticed that his forearm had a different tattoo. Overlapped over his Kareena tattoo, the new design resembled a trident. 


In an interview back in 2010, Saif opened up about getting Kareena's name inked. He said, "We were in the car one afternoon in Bandra, talking about David Beckham. I don't know why I brought him up. And then the tattoo came up, and I said, maybe I should get one on my shoulder, would it look cool? And Kareena said, why shoulder? Put it on your arm. I thought, maybe a nice K? and she said, that's a bit ambiguous."

Kareena spoke to Brides Today about her elder son Taimur Ali Khan's reaction to the tattoo on Saif's forearm. She revealed, "He has done lots of romantic things. I think the most romantic thing is when my son points at it now and asks. Like, he is all the time looking at that tattoo. And Saif is like, 'This is your amma's name'. And he (Taimur) keeps wondering like, 'What is he saying?' I think that's a special moment for me."