Deepak Tijori clarifies his comment for Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh: Itna ghatiya quote bana diya hai

Filmmaker and actor Deepak Tijori was recently all over the headlines after his comment on Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh which spread like a wild fire portraying the actor in a wrong frame.

Apparently the actor spoke about the throwback event during which Amrita was surprised of the support the actor have for each other.

However, the same comment has been presented in such a way that she denied Saif to attend the event which was the premiere of the film ‘Pehla Nasha.’

Addressing the same, the actor has now clarified that the comment was mispresented leading to the chaos. 

“I’d like to clarify something. I said something recently which got misconstrued. I was asked how I managed to get so many actors for the premiere scene in Pehla Nasha. I replied, ‘We were all friends. Hence, we supported each other in every way we can’. Then I said, ‘When Saif Ali Khan was getting ready, Amrita Singh asked him where he’s going. To which he said, ‘I am going to shoot for the premiere scene in Deepak’s film’. At this, Amrita replied, ‘Kya baat hai. Your generation of actors is different. We never supported one another in such a manner. Aap logon ki dosti ko manna padega.’”

He added, “This was my quote. But it was published that Amrita stopped Saif from going to the premiere. I never said that. Amrita was only amazed to see the bond between Saif and other actors. In her time, they used to not help each other. Amrita is a sweetheart and a wonderful woman. She has always been supportive of everybody as an actor. I have not worked with her. However, for us, her debut film Betaab (1983) was the ultimate film. I must have seen it a hundred times.” 

“Itna ghatiya quote bana diya hai. I wake up and I get pained when I see the news stories. I never said that. “

Source: Bollywood Hungama