Ankita Lokhande Open to Working on Projects for Free, Prioritizing Passion Over Paycheck

Ankita Lokhande, set to star in Randeep Hooda's monumental saga "Swantantra Veer Savarkar," recently discussed her journey in both television and film. During a conversation with News18, she delved into the topic of compensation for actresses, highlighting her focus on roles over financial gain. Additionally, she commended television producers for enhancing pay scales for female performers.


Ankita emphasized that her main focus isn't money and she places greater importance on the project itself. The actor from "Swantantra Veer Savarkar" stated, "Money has never been my primary concern. The role I portray holds the utmost significance for me. Even presently, monetary gain isn't my driving force. I prioritize the project itself. I'm willing to participate in films and shows without compensation. However, it's essential to assertively seek what you deserve, especially for women."

In a recent interview with India Today, Ankita expressed her disinterest in engaging in a rat race and instead emphasized her desire to pursue meaningful cinema. She explained, "I prefer not to be ubiquitous. I prefer to selectively engage in certain projects. That's my approach and preference. I aspire to take on diverse roles, which also instills confidence in me to tackle challenging characters. I am not inclined towards competing in a rat race. While I respect those who do, it's not my path. I'll choose the best opportunities that come my way, exercising discernment in my selections. I'm quite selective and deliberate in my career choices. While I may stumble, the decisions will be my own."

Ankita rose to prominence through her role in the television series Pavitra Rishta alongside the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Additionally, she has appeared in movies such as Baaghi 3 and Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi.