I was keeping my fingers crossed that my entire family had to be there: Katrina Kaif on preparing for wedding with Vicky Kaushal

Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal are surely one of the most loved Bollywood couples. As the actress recently attended Red Sea International Film Festival, she went on to share about her marriage and how it was difficult to plan it out during the time of COVID - 19 pandemic.

Katrina said, “We were trying to plan our wedding just as the world was opening up. Like many, many people, we had to wait for the lockdowns to be lifted so that we could have a wedding with all our families there and all that I was keeping my fingers crossed for was that my entire family had to be there from all the corners of the world which we managed. So that was wonderful.” 

She also discussed about her family and how it was to be raised among 6 sibling sisters. She shared that there would be a lot of fights over many things but admitted that as they grew up they turned to be the biggest support systems for each other.

As the actress added, “My sisters became my support system. We are an insular unit that we don’t need anyone else. People are welcome but when we all are together, it feels complete.”

Katrina and Vicky married on December 9, 2021.