Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain are just making a fool of people: Public reacts to the couple’s Bigg Boss 17 fights

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain took part in the popular reality show Bigg Boss 17 this year and have been surrounding headlines ever since. Turning into the most toxic couple of the house, Ankita and Vicky have been arguing over every silly reason making an iceberg out of an ice cube.

And although it has been increasing the curiosity of the audience, recently during the public interaction, many would call the show scripted and believe that they are being fooled by the couple. At the same time some agreed to what they are being shown.

One said, “I think they have planned the fights and even Bigg Boss is aware of it. Once the show gets over, both Ankita and Vicky are mature. They will go back to their normal lives. They are just making a fool of people.”

Another viewer said, “Any couple in world, they have insecurities. If one of them don’t get ‘bhav’ in the relationship, be it the wife or the husband, such fights happen. I feel they are playing very good game. If that is their strategy then it’s very good. And a husband and wife can pan and come, it’s not wrong.”

One of the viewers called it a publicity stunt, “Bigg Boss is about publicity and they might be doing it for publicity. But their issues look real. They might have bigger fights once they go back to real life. Public is enjoying. Let’s see what happens.”

However some did agree that the couple is truly not doing fine as one of the viewers mentioned, “Ankita needs attention, which she is not getting for Vicky. Vicky is available for everybody. But when Ankita needs him, he is not there. I don’t think they are doing it as a publicity stunt.”

Source: ETimes