Rakhi Sawant reveals she suffered miscarriage, says Adil Khan Durrani targeted her only for publicity

On Monday, Adil Khan Durrani, in a press conference, made some shocking allegations about Rakhi Sawant. Today, Rakhi hosted another media press meet where she responded to the allegations by Adil and revealed other incidents that occurred between the couple.

Rakhi stated that after she returned from the Bigg Boss Marathi show (2022), she got to know about Adil cheating on her. The actress further responded to Adil's claim that she never had an abortion and believes that it’s a sin. 

"Mera bleeding start hogaya, mera miscarriage jisko bolte hai, mera miscarriage hua hai, joh kisi ko bhi chalte chalte ho jata hai. Abortion karane nahi gayi, Voh paap hai Voh guna hai," said Rakhi at the press con.

Rakhi further went on to state that Adil only wanted publicity with her help. The actress said, "Usne mujhe sirf target kiya, kyu? For publicity. Usko Big Boss jana hai, usko Ekta Kapoor ji ke show mein jaana hai, usse star banna hai."

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Rakhi and Adil shared the news about their Islamic wedding in 2022 via social media. However, in the last couple of months the duo is busy mud slinging in public, about each other. 

Source: Instagram