She did not divorce Ritesh Singh: Adil Khan Durrani makes shocking revelations about Rakhi Sawant

The news about Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani has been doing rounds for a while. After the actress accused her husband of multiple charges, she has been gaining sympathy from all quarters. Be it cheating on her,  domestic violence and extortion, Rakhi had painted Adil as a villain. She also pressed rape charges on him, due to which he has to serve time in the judicial custody. 

Recently, Adil hosted a press conference where he made shocking revelations about their relationship. 

Adil alleged that Rakhi was not divorced before marrying him. According to Adil, Rakhi was previously married to her ex-boyfriend Ritesh, although she always denied the same and lied about her relationship status. Moreover, she never officially divorced Ritesh before tying the knot with Adil. 

"Rakhi used to lie in front of the media even after their marriage. She used to tell media persons to ask me when I'd get married to her. I used to be blank. How could I lie since we were already married?” Adil revealed.

Further Adil also mentioned Rakhi being in constant touch with Ritesh even after the marriage. He claimed, "Last Diwali, she went to a show in London. We shared the same airport. I was going to Dubai and she went to London. Immediately after London she came back to Dubai. I got to know that Rakhi was in touch with Ritesh Singh. I learnt about it. I saw Ritesh's calls and messages on the Iphone pop-up. After 8 to 10 days, Rakhi went to Bigg Boss Marathi house. Then I started investigating to know what had happened. I heard their conversation in which Ritesh said that the 7 to 8 days that he spent with her were the best days of his life, and why she wasn't as romantic when they were together in the same house. I was literally shocked. I didn't even know how to ask her about it.”

Up until now it was Rakhi who was mud singing in media, seems now she has completion in form of Adil. 

Source: Instagram and  Others