Video: Rakhi Sawant quashes Adil Khan Durrani's claims of removing her uterus, says "I can have a child"

Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani multiple controversies have been the latest gossip fodder for the audience. After Rakhi’s accusations over the past few months, Adil finally decided to talk and hosted a press conference, bashing the actress. In one of his claims, Adil stated that Rakhi can no longer conceive as she had an operation to get her uterus removed. 

In response to this, Rakhi took on her Instagram account and uploaded a video. In the video, Rakhi went to the gynecologist, who confirmed that actress is still capable of having a child as she got her eggs frozen earlier. The doctor also clarified that Rakhi’s fibroids were removed and not her uterus. The reality TV actress also went on to say that Adil just wants to drown her reputation and that’s the reason he is making false allegations. 

Have a look at the post:

Rakhi and Adil registered their wedding back in May 2022 and got married according to the Islamic traditions, but within few months of marriage, issues began to arise. In the last few months, the duo has made a media circus of their relationship. 

Source: Instagram