Govinda claims his Twitter account to be hacked; says he has not tweeted about Harayana Violence

Govinda is once again in the headlines over his stint on the social media platform Twitter. Govinda's Twitter account appeared to reply to a tweet of a video claiming to show Muslim shops being mobbed by a gang of people in Gurugram. The tweet read, "Muslim shops were looted by mob in Gurgaon (Gurugram)." To which the actor had allegedly replied, “What have we come down to? Shame on the people, who call themselves hindus and do such things. Aman aur shanti banaye, hum democracy hai, autocracy nahi (Please remain peaceful; we are a democracy, not autocracy)!”. However, the alleged tweet from Govinda no longer exists. But this isn't due to the backlash it faced. 

Clarifying the matter, Govinda stated that his account on Twitter, (now referred to as X), was hacked. On Thursday, the actor took to his Instagram and refuted the claims saying that he has never commented on such issues. He also said that he wants people to keep him 'out of their politics.

In his Instagram video, Govinda said: "Please do not attribute this Haryana tweet to me. I haven't done this. Somebody has hacked my account. I am just doing a complaint to cyber-crime now. I'll look into the matter." He continued in Hindi (translated): "To my all well-wishers, fans in Haryana, I want to tell you that I haven't used this Twitter account for years. My team has also denied any responsibility for this tweet. They won't tweet anything without asking me. I'll give this matter to cyber-crime. They'll look into the matter."

Govinda signed off the video with these words, "As election season is approaching, some people have thought I might stand for a party. So, they might have tweeted this but I've never done such things. I never express my views on such matters."


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Apart from this, Govinda in an interview, also said it's been 18 years since he quit politics and doesn't require a tweet to get back into it. He also commented that people want to ensure that he doesn't get any work or shows in Haryana and urged people to keep him out of their politics and agendas as nobody supported him when his films didn't get into theatres.

[Source: Instagram, Bombay Times]