Adipurush's 'jalegi bhi tere baap ki' dialogues gets modified, here's what it now sounds like

Adipurush's dialogues courted controversy for the pedestrian language. Amid heavy outrage for dialogues like "Kapda tere baap ka, aag tere baap ki, tel tere baap ka, jalegi bhi tere baap ki," the makers decided to revise them to respect the audience's choice. 

On Wednesday, the audience who watched Adipurush in theatres got to see the revised cut of the film. A person shared the new version of the dialogue said by Bajrang (Devdatta Nage). The term 'baap' has been replaced with 'Lanka'. The dialogue now sounds like, "Kapda teri Lanka ka, tel teri Lanka ka, aag bhi teri Lanka ki, aur jalegi bhi teri Lanka hi."

Manoj Muntashir, the dialogue writer of Adipurush, is at the receiving end ever since the film hit the silver screen. In an interview, he defended the dialogues and said, "A completely meticulous thought process has gone into writing the dialogues for the film. In our place, grandmothers narrate Ramayana in a similar language. Yeh dialogue is desh ke bade bade sant bade bade katha vachak aise hi bolte hai jaise maine likha hai. I am not the first one to write this dialogue, it's already there."

He received death threats and hence, approached Mumbai Police for protection.

(Source: Twitter)