Sympathy le rahi hai: Shehnaaz Gill breaks down while talking to Ayushmann Khurrana about being judged after going through emotional moments in her life

Shehnaaz Gill is once again making headlines and this time it is for her chat show titled Desi Vibes With Shehnaaz Gill. The second episode with Ayushmann Khurrana premiered on her YouTube channel recently. During the informal chat with the actor, Shehnaaz got emotional while talking about being trolled in the past for expressing herself in public. As they spoke about their different approaches to handling emotions in public, Ayushmann praised her for retaining her innocence despite getting all the attention and love.

Ayushmann said, "You are getting a lot of love from people. Which is a great thing. But to maintain this kind of innocence is a very hard thing to do in our world. But you have done that. I try to be as real as I can be. But I cannot be open and say what is in my heart, unlike you. After you reach a certain position, you cannot share your emotions openly. There’s pressure as people judge you."

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Shehnaaz shared, "I feel we are scared of people’s judgement. I don’t think we actors should take that pressure, because we too have a life. If there’s a happy emotion, there’s also a sad emotion, why hide that? Why do we hide and cry, but laugh in front of others? I feel everyone should show their emotions as it is a natural part of life."

When Ayushmann told, "You are very courageous, you share your emotions without any fear, you say what is on your mind," Shehnaaz replied, "Main apko sach bolun, main bhi abhi apne emotions thoda dabane lagi hoon. Jaise mere life mein bhi emotional moments aye hain, par main kabhi kisiko bata nahi saki kyunki log likhte the ki ‘sympathy le rahi hai’. Why am I crying? It’s too much… toh log tumhe judge karte hai." As she spoke, Shehnaaz couldn't hold back her tears. 

Consoling her, the actor shared, "We artists are very emotional, hence I feel it is better that we don’t come out publicly with our emotions… The more you climb up the ladder of success, the more you have to control your emotions in front of others…"

(Source: YouTube)