Ram Setu: Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline Fernandez and Satyadev’s film gets its own action-adventure game titled Ram Setu The Run

India’s leading games company nCore Games has partnered with the makers of the upcoming Diwali release Ram Setu to create a unique game titled Ram Setu: The Run. The game was launched today on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for mobile. Developed by Mumbai-based studio Dot9 Games, Ram Setu: The Run, is a cinematic endless runner game.

Sporting impressive visuals, responsive controls, and detailed, colourful locales, players can don the roles of Dr. Aryan Kulshrestha, Sandra, or AP — Akshay Kumar’s, Jacqueline Fernandez’s, and Satyadev’s characters in the movie, respectively. Aside from avoiding obstacles, a mainstay of many an endless runner game, players can also enjoy action-packed sequences, taking down enemies, driving jeeps, and avoiding drones amongst other thrilling and fun challenges. Ram Setu: The Run, builds on Dot9 Games’ multiplayer gaming expertise, featuring local multiplayer, split-screen multiplayer on the same device, leader boards, and more.

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Ram Setu: The Run, is our attempt at marrying our prowess in game development with a blockbuster IP to bring a polished, entertaining gaming experience that anyone can just pick up and play,” says Deepak Ail, Co-Founder and CEO of Dot9 Games. “To further underscore our commitment to that, our team has worked hard to ensure it is optimised well enough to be playable even on low-end smartphones as well as tablets. Gaming is for everyone and Ram Setu: The Run is our effort in making that a reality.”

In recent times, the Indian government has called upon its citizens to support homegrown apps and adopt a movement of Atma Nirbhar. Ram Setu: The Run is nCore’s and Dot9’s answer to this. “With Dot9 Games’ development expertise on our side, we’re confident in Ram Setu: The Run bringing gaming to everyone,” says Vishal Gondal, Founder of nCore Games. “By combining quality gameplay, high production values, and star power, Ram Setu: The Run is our humble response to PM Modi’s Make-in-India call.”

Although the Indian games industry has gone from strength to strength in recent years, there's been a distinct lack of IP creation. Along with its made-in-India ethos, Ram Setu: The Run is a step in that direction — bringing the best of Bollywood flair to video games.

Ram Setu has been conceived as an epic action-adventure spectacle for the entire family and the opportunity to re-imagine the film’s extension as an engaging and thrilling game is a further step in the direction of brining fans closer to the world of Ram Setu. I’m delighted with the result of the effort put in by Dot9 and nCore to create a high-quality game and I am confident that millions of fans will enjoy Ram Setu: The Run as they experience the film on the big screen,” says Vikram Malhotra, Founder and CEO, Abundantia Entertainment.

(Source: Agencies)