‘The word I would use to describe it is tumultuous,’ says Malaika Arora recalling her childhood after parents’ divorce

Malaika Arora has opened up about leading a tumultuous childhood due to the separation of her parents in a recent interview. The actress also revealed that she learned to value her freedom and live life on her own terms at an early age. Malaika was only 11 and sister Amrita Arora was just 6 when her parents, Joyce Polycarp and Anil Arora parted ways. The sisters moved with their mother from Thane to Chembur and were raised by her after the divorce.

Malaika, who posed for a magazine cover opened up about her childhood in the interview and called it wonderful but tumultuous. She said, “I had a wonderful childhood, but it wasn't easy. In fact, in retrospect, the word I would use to describe it is tumultuous. But tough times teach you important lessons too.”


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She added, "My parents' separation allowed me to observe my mother through a new and unique lens. I learned a rock-steady work ethic and the value of getting up each morning to do whatever it takes to become fiercely independent. Those early lessons are the cornerstones of my life and professional journey. I am still fiercely independent; I value my freedom and live life on my terms. The world could be going crazy around me, but these fundamental attitudes imbibed during my formative years hold me in good stead."

The actress believes that her fundamentals for life are keeping her in good shape and she employs the same in her relationship with her son Arhaan Khan whom she shares with former husband Arbaaz Khan.

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