Vir Das dismisses the ‘white man’s privilege’ in Episode 3 of ‘Ten On Ten’ titled ‘The Crumbling West’


Vir Das is back and once again with a bang! There is no comparison when it comes to relatable comedy and the comedian sure knows how to tickle the funny bones of us Indians. After launching his new comedy special Ten On Ten in January 2021, he is now back with episode 3 in the series titled The Crumbling West where he takes a dig at the Western and European countries which used to be what we Indians followed for a long time.

In the new episode, Vir talks about ‘privilege’ and how Indians are now more privileged than their western counterparts in most areas. However, he also takes a dig at the democratic rights and the ‘woke’ marches that happen in the USA, UK, Germany and Britain which rattle their democracy and the government while the rest of the world are having a revolution and chaotic coup.

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Here’s why you should have a good laugh at the new episode:

Why he doesn't idolises the West anymore 

Dismisses the White Man's privilege through some great examples 

How things work in India 

How we demean people- not on race but more on the college you went to 

Why we are not so impressed anymore with our NRI cousins 

Our picked-up accents are aspirational and never hinge on developing countries 

How things happen in the West and how they voice their dissent against the government 

Gives a Harry Potter reference as well 

Watch the full episode here: 

(Source: YouTube)