Babil Khan stumbles upon old Whatsapp chat with father Irrfan, says 'I was almost about to text him back'


It's been 10 months since Irrfan left for his heavenly abode. His fans are still reeling under the shock of his untimely demise. Now, his son, Babil Khan, shared an old Whatsapp chat with his father on his Instagram account. Babil was clearing old messages from his phone when he stumbled upon two messages from his father on March 17, 2020.

The messages read, "Babila call please when u r up" and "Call back it’s very urgent". Irrfan passed away a few days shortly, on April 29, 2020, after putting a strong fight against a neuroendocrine tumour for two years. Remembering Irrfan, Babil wrote, "This was intense on a level I could not explain. I was deleting unnecessary chats from my WhatsApp and I found this. For f**k’s sake. I was almost about to text him back just for the thrill of feeling like “mera bhai idhar hi hai mere saath”."


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On February 25, Babil shared a throwback picture of Irrfan and wrote, "For in my dreams, I have no knowledge of your desertion. In my dreams today, you told me you were about to leave me and you held me for so long. Imagine the fact that I just woke up cause my phone rang for yet another offer to act, for yet another film. Now what sense does all this make without you Baba? I’d rather keep dreaming. (Tears make it hard to type, someone invent a phone for people that cry a lot plis)"


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