'When will I stop being used to pass sweeping statements?' - Anushka Sharma reacts to Sunil Gavaskar's crude remark on Virat Kohli and her


During Thursday's IPL match between Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Kings XI Punjab in Dubai, veteran cricketer Sunil Gavaskar passed a distasteful comment on Virat Kohli's wife Anushka Sharma. Virat, who is the captain of RCB, underperformed and once again Anushka was at the receiving end for his failure. Reacting to Sunil's comment, Anushka demanded an explanation that why is she being accused for her husband's poor performance. She further questioned that when will people 'stop dragging her into cricket' and 'pass sweeping statement'.

"That, Mr. Gavaskar, your message is distasteful is a fact, but I would love for you to explain why you thought of making such a sweeping statement on a wife accusing her for her husband’s game? I’m sure over the years you have respected the private lives of every cricketer while commenting on the game. Don’t you think you should have an equal amount of respect for me and us? I’m sure you can have many other words and sentences in your mind to use to comment on my husband’s performance from last night or are your words only relevant if you use my name in the process? It’s 2020 and things still don’t change for me. When will I stop getting dragged into cricket and stop being used to pass sweeping statements? Respected Mr. Gavaskar, you are a legend whose name stands tall in this gentleman’s game. Just wanted to tell you what I felt when I heard you say this," Anushka wrote.


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Speaking of Gavaskar's comment, social media users appealed to BCCI to rusticate him from the commentary panel.

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