Awards galore! Kartik Shetty's short film Debut wins big at multiple film festivals


In May 2020, writer-director Kartik Shetty released Hindi language short film Debut, which revolves around an aspiring model-actor contemplating suicide and how he’s brought back from the edge. Debut is a film that not only gives you a glimpse of what life is for an outsider/struggling actor in the industry, but it also addresses issues like depression, anxiety, and self-deprecation, which almost every other millennial/individual is facing in today's time Debut leaves you with a perspective and gives a message to all those who aren’t able to achieve their footing in the film industry 

The film has been doing the rounds at several prestigious film festivals and has been on the running for the official selection shortlist of the same. Kartik has won the Special Jury Award-Best Debut Filmmaker (Port Blair International Film Festival), Outstanding Achievement Award for (Tagore International Film Festival) 2020, Official Selection in First-time Filmmaker Sessions 2020 and the film is also an Official Nominee- Shorted (Online Film Festival).

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The film starred Rehan Sharma and Kartavya A Sharma.