Sachin Pilgaonkar talks about groupism prevalent in Bollywood parties, says 'I have seen how the guest list would change every Friday'

Sachin Pilgaonkar, better known as Sachin, has been an active part of the Hindi and Marathi cinema industry for nearly 58 years now. Having seen the situation change and welcoming new actors to the industry over the years, the actor has experienced it all. While the debate on groupism, nepotism and insider-outsider has been making headlines, Sachin, during an interview with a leading daily, revealed that he had to face a lot of trouble for not being a star kid. Saying that he didn't lose hope and confidence, the veteran shared that he was sure of the fact that he entered the cinema to learn. 

"We all had to go through this, particularly me, who is not a star son. That does not mean I lost confidence in what I am. I started off as a child actor, then became director and writer too. I am yet to become somebody, which I have not done, I have not lost hope. I am confident about this, I am here to learn. The only difference is earlier I would learn from my seniors, now I am learning from my juniors," Sachin told.

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Having been in the industry for nearly 6 decades, the actor who started off as a child artist in the Marathi film Ha Maaza Marg Eekla went on to say that every person has good and bad days. "I am a very observant guy. Film industry ki partiyaan bhi bauhaut hua karti thi. Every Friday, the guest would change, I have seen that with my own eyes, it’s not hidden from anybody in our industry. Everyone has a good and bad day, one has to be prepared for that. Our world for that matter, our industry is just a part of it. When we look at the world and see what is going on, it’s nobody’s fault, like a tsunami, even today we talk about Hiroshima, the country was bombed. What was the people’s fault, they just belonged to one country. Even now (in the Covid-19 phase) people who are dying, it’s not their fault. These things happen, we are human beings, we have to face it. In front of all that, our industry’s so-called calamities, mishap, flops, failures are too small," he added. 

(Source: Hindustan Times)