Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli take Instagram's 'Take A Break' challenge, reveal they make each other happy!


Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are one of the most sought after power couples in Bollywood. Known by the monicker of Virushka, the couple has been winning hearts. Now, as they locked at home due to COVID-19 pandemic, Anushka and Virat featured in Instagram's #TakeABreak video wherein they were seen competing against each other but in a friendly way. Anushka and Virat, in the new challenge, were seen answering each other's questions to find out who knows the other person better. 

"#TakeABreak Find out who knows who better, in this fun and interactive #TakeABreak session with us. Hope you guys enjoy it and figure out who the winner is because I couldn't!" wrote Virat while sharing the video. 

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Virat and Anushka started the video by introducing each other and their respective professions. The Bollywood actress asked the first question to the cricket about the Hindi film industry. Despite playing the round well, Virat, unfortunately, lost to Anushka. The second rapid-fire round was a tie. During this round, Anushka and Virat revealed that they make each other happy.    

Laughing, giggling and painting a cheerful and loved-up picture on our screen, Virat and Anushka added a punch of entertainment to the day. 

(Source: Instagram)