Sanjay Dutt announces 'short break from work' owing to medical reasons


Is there ever going to be an end to the bad news coming from Bollywood during this Covid pandemic? It does not look like. And the latest arrow of outrageous fortune appears to have been suffered by Sanjay Dutt. The actor, who turned 61 on July 29, and was then admitted to Lilavati Hospital with breathing issues, is now believed to be suffering from something far more serious.

Dutt, who went on social media just now to tell friends and fans that he was taking “a short break from work for some medical treatment”, has asked everybody “not to worry or unnecessarily speculate”. This message came just when the actor’s fans were expecting the trailer of his forthcoming film Sadak 2.

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Unfortunately that is the same thing that Rishi Kapoor also tweeted when he was leaving for New York in September last year to begin treatment at the Sloan Kettering Centre for cancer. Our prayers and thoughts are with Sanjay Dutt. Good luck and God bless, Baba.