Shah Rukh Khan to Salman Khan, superstars and their luxe vanity vans that could give us a ‘ride’ for our money!


Being constantly on a move for shoots, our favorite tinsel town celebs find a ‘home away from home’ in their vanity vans. Vanities are of utmost importance for our B-town celebs as they rest and catch a break there between the shoots on the sets.

Although, who says taking a break cannot be a stylish affair? Gone are those days when vanity vans were used just for the purpose of outdoor shoots and break-time. Our B-townies have an elite taste in vehicles and it shows with the choice of their vanity vans!

These vanities are conceptually designed by renowned Indian car designer and owner of DC Designs, Dilip Chhabria. He has also designed and manufactured DC Avanti and DC TCA, India's first sports car.

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With that being said, here’s a sneak peek into the stylish vanity vans of our Bollywood celebs that are high on class, comfort and all things luxe. 



6 Exclusive Features Of Shah Rukh Khan’s Luxury Vanity Van #1 The floor of the vanity van is fully made out of glass which is backlit. And wooden panel roof. #2 We have created a small extension. So, once he goes to the sets and parks it, he can extend one side to make it into a bigger room. #3 Many functions inside can be controlled from iPad including curtains and illuminations. #4 It has a pantry section, a wardrobe section, special make-up chair, separate toilet cubicle and an in-built shower. #5 The vanity van has a specific electric chair which has a push-button that will move you from one part to another part of the van on it. #6 The van also equipped with the best quality of flat-screen TV from Bose.

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Glass floors, wooden panel roof, and technologically savvy, SRK luxe van can make any celeb go green with envy. C’mon, he is called Bollywood’s Badshah for a reason, you guys!


Hrithik’s vanity is as stylish as him and it shows! His Mercedes V-class comes with a roof lighting, foldable table, wooden flooring, 170-degree power reclining seats, twin jump seat a 32-inch TV and SO MUCH MORE!



DC Vanity Bus for Salman Khan

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They say Salman’s vanity is the most stylish vanity in the B-town and we couldn’t agree more. (Well he had us with his really cool self-portrait!) Equipped with high-tech gadgets and spacious interiors this vanity van has a makeup table, meeting room and a bedroom.

Long drive pe chal!

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