I’ve never liked to look back and lament: Abhishek Bachchan on his past failures, says it felt like ‘hell’ when his films flopped


Abhishek Bachchan who will be making his digital debut with the upcoming Amazon Prime Video series Breathe: Into the Shadows spoka about his past failures and coming from a privileged background in a recent interview. He spoke about the effort it took him to make a name for himself in Bollywood and emerge from the shadows of his illustrious parents. In the interview, he recalled an interaction with director Yash Chopra at the premiere of his debut film Refugee and the advice he received.

Abhishek said recalling Yash Chopra’s words moments before the screening of Refugee, “Remember, your father brought you till here but the moment you walk into that cinema, and the show gets over and you walk out, you’re on your own two feet.” However, it was not all smooth sailing for Abhishek as he went through a four-year period where his films didn’t do all that well at the box office and Junior B said it was ‘hell’ for him.

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He said, “Everybody has their own journey. We should never judge somebody else’s journey. I’ve never liked to look back and lament, because there’s a lot to be appreciative about. I have immense respect for any actor who features in a film, no matter in what capacity. That period was very difficult to cope with, it was very difficult to confront. At the same time, I was so blessed to be a part of one film. That’s the dream of millions of people, so should I be complaining? At least I got to make those films, some people don’t get a chance to make even one film.”

He also expressed his thanks to his fans that not only supported his work but also his family’s and said, “I’m from this industry, I feel very protective of this industry. This is my family business - audiences have given my family everything that we have today.” Meanwhile, on the work front, Abhishek has three films lined up The Big Bull, Bob Biswas and Ludo.

(Source: Rajeev Masand)