I ate in disposable utensils, binge-watched 'Star Trek' and Hindi films: Kiran Kumar on living in isolation and battling COVID-19


Veteran actor Kiran Kumar has tested negative for coronavirus. Kumar, who had tested positive last week, had gone into self-isolation immediately. On Wednesday, results showed he has recovered for the virus. The actor is relieved after testing negative and issued a statement thanking doctors at Hinduja Hospital in Khar, Mumbai for guiding him and keeping him informed throughout. 

Now in an interview with a leading daily, he talked about how he lived in isolation on a separate floor of the house. “I told my wife to buy disposable utensils for me to eat in. My food would be prepared and kept on the staircase. I’d pick it up myself, eat and dispose off the plates, ensuring zero contact. I also made my own bed and cleaned the room," he said.

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Adding that he passed his time reading books and binge watching films, Kiran quipped, “My reading choices are quite outlandish in that I believe in aliens and enjoy my Asimovs (Isaac Asimov, American writer of science fiction). I also binge-watched Star Trek, Star Wars and some Hindi films." He also mentioned how his sister cooked his favourite dishes while his children catered to his every need. Lastly, he praised the support staff for standing by him like a rock instead of running away after he tested positive for Covid-19.

Meanwhile, he also asserted that everyone should be content with what they have and appreciating the little things in life. “Now that I have recovered and tested negative, I can say that coronavirus is here to stay. We all have to learn to modify our lifestyles and start living with it. There’s no vaccine yet, so, the only way to contain it is isolation. Getting infected isn’t criminal; hiding it is,” he signed off by saying.

(Source: Mumbai Mirror)