From ‘Joker’, ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ to ‘The Crown’, Ranveer Singh reveals his favourite films and web shows


Ranveer Singh has revealed that his favourite sci-fi film is 2011 A Space Odyssey. Ranveer revealed this bit of information during an online question and answer session on his Instagram account where he talked about his favourite films and web series. 

When asked about his favourite web shows, Ranveer gave out a list of the series that he liked and wrote, “These are just a few of them,” and shared posters of The Crown, Tiger King, Succession and The Last Dance. He also named his favourite Disney film and shared a picture of the animated film Inside Out. 

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Ranveer also revealed the name of his favourite stand-up comedian and named Dave Chappelle as someone who cracks him up. When it came to his favourite Marvel and DC film he named Joaquin Phoenix’s hugely acclaimed Joker as his most favourite. 

(Source: Instagram)