‘Remember meeting Christopher Nolan for a part in ‘Inception’ which did not materialise but I did get his autograph,’ says Anil Kapoor as he shares ‘Tenet’ trailer


Hollywood director Christopher Nolan boasts of an enviable fan following not only among his fans but Bollywood and Hollywood celebs as well. Like everyone around the world, our very own Anil Kapoor is also super excited for Nolan’s upcoming film Tenet that also stars Dimple Kapadia. The film is slated to release in July and might be the lure for the audiences around the world bringing them back to theatres after the lockdown. 

Today, Anil took to Twitter to share the film’s recently released second trailer and revealed a personal anecdote as well with regards to Nolan’s highly successful and popular film Inception. He wrote, “Remember meeting Christopher Nolan for a part in Inception which did not materialise for me at the time but I did get his autograph on a Batman DVD cover for @HarshKapoor_! The @TENETFilm trailer is amazing & I know it will bring the audiences back in the theatres to watch it.”

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Inception starred Leonardo Dicaprio, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon Lewitt, Cillian Murphy and Ellen Page. The film is about a group of people who enter people’s dreams to subconsciously manipulate their decisions. The film has become a cult film ever since its release and is hailed as a masterpiece in direction and storytelling. 

(Source: Twitter)